Specialist lawyer for criminal law

What can Mr. Leitmann, attorney-at-law, do for you in criminal law?

The specialist lawyer for criminal law has an additional qualification in the field of criminal law. The specialist lawyer specializes in criminal law in the following areas:

  • Methodology and law of criminal defense and relevant auxiliary sciences
  • Substantive criminal law including juvenile criminal law, narcotics criminal law, traffic criminal law, business criminal law and tax criminal law
  • Criminal Procedural Law, including Juvenile Prison and Offense Procedures, as well as Penal Law and Prison Law
  • Victim representation and victim compensation
  • co-claim or private claim
  • adhesion process

If you have received one of the following letters, you should contact Mr. Leitmann, attorney-at-law, to discuss further proceedings:

  • reply form
  • summons
  • search warrant
  • punishment
  • accusation
  • penalty notice


  • the presumption of innocence
  • the right to silence
  • the right to submit evidence
  • the right to legal advice
  • the right to an interpreter
  • the right to ask questions to the witnesses

are historical achievements that form the basis of a fair process.

Particularly noteworthy here is the presumption of innocence according to Art. 6 (2) of the European Convention on Human Rights:

"Every person charged with a crime is considered innocent until proven guilty by law."

As a specialist lawyer for criminal law, Mr. Leitmann ensures that this important principle neither forgotten by

  • the investigative authorities
  • the court
  • the press

The accused does not have to prove his innocence, but the prosecutor must convince the court in a fair trial of the guilt of the defendant.

Despite the presumption of innocence, very drastic measures, such as Pre-trial detention, imprisonment, confiscation or temporary withdrawal of driving license is permitted under certain conditions.

This apparent contradiction is justified by the argument that these are only provisional measures which merely serve the safeguarding of the procedure.

In many cases, however, even less drastic measures are enough to ensure an orderly procedure. The effects of such "provisional" measures can have dramatic consequences and threaten lives.

However, the effects of a crime are often considerable for the victims as well. The legal options that assist the injured party are often unknown and often left unused. These include, among others

  • Representation and accompaniment in criminal proceedings (for example, in the co-claim, injured assistance)
  • Advice and assistance before and during a testimony as a witness during interrogations (witness attendant)
  • Enforcement of claims for damages and compensation for pain and suffering (for example, representation in the so-called "adhesive procedure” or in civil claims for damages)
  • Violence Protection Mechanism
  • Claims under the Victims Compensation Act
  • Accompaniment in the context of a victim-offender compensation

Mr. Leitmann’s goal, as a specialist lawyer for criminal law, in the fight for the rights of the client, is to achieve the best possible result by choosing the right approach. Fighting is not an end in itself, often a "deal" is the best solution for everyone involved. Mr. Leitmann therefore determines a realistic representation objective together with the client after the complete recording of the facts and a legal assessment based on this. Then, a result-oriented approach to achieve this defined goal. The necessary steps depend on the different influences of the respective process. The necessary intuition and negotiating skills were acquired by Mr. Leitmann through his many years of experience and early specialization in the area of criminal law.

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